I wrote a story, Iris, for the monthly prompt-driven Visual Verse. They post an image at the beginning of the month, and you have one hour to write a story/poem that falls under 500 words. I normally would never write a tale so quickly, but I’ve seen some wonderful work published on their site, so I gave it a shot.

You can read my story here

Bodies in the Snow

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I’m so very pleased to have my story Bodies in the Snow finish 9th in the Molotov Cocktail Flash Monster 2 contest. This is an international competition that draws some ridiculously talented writers from various points on the map. The Top 10 are rewarded with publication in their mega-issue of winners. This magazine has always been one of my favorites, and they publish the type of stories I prefer to read. Whether it be dark and weird or twisted and diabolical, they never fail to impress. And they never publish overly pretentious stories. A huge thanks to Josh Goller and Mary Bond for giving us weirdos a place to play.

You can read my story here

Flash Monster II Results!

Wisp Of Smoke:

I needed to hear some good news today and this certainly fits the bill. So damn excited.

Originally posted on The Molotov Cocktail:

Strike up the band…
monster band

…the Flash Monster winners have arrived. 

Flash Monster II had a strong turnout, topping last year’s original Flash Monster contest by a handful of entries. The quality seems to be going up as well, as the selection process was truly grueling, especially among the Top 30 or so. 

A big thanks to associate editor Mary Bond for keeping everything on track and helping to ensure that we really did pick the crème de la crème. 

We had quite the international turnout this time around. We received entries from the USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, France, and Australia! Heaps of entries from our friends in the UK, so a big thanks from across the pond. 

Again, this was a very close competition, and we have some shout-outs to those who didn’t quite make the final cut. Close-but-no-cigar awards go to Carly Hallman, Sylvia Heike,

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Bottom of the Ninth


I’m thrilled to have my baseball story Bottom of the Ninth published by Red Fez. A massive thanks to Leopold McGinnis and his team for giving my tale a slick home. Red Fez published my very first piece of writing two years ago, and to come back to them again and be accepted is pretty damn cool. My gratitude is immense.

You can read my story here

Junk Life


I’m chuffed to have my story Junk Life published by the well-regarded Bartleby Snopes. This journal is one I have much admiration for and it’s a difficult task to receive an acceptance from them. A huge thanks to Nathaniel Tower for giving my tale a cool place to shine.

Not to be corny, but this is the kind of publication that gives me some confidence to keep moving forward with my writing. Well, after a lengthy break from flash fiction and the narcissistic universe that is social media.

You can read my story here



Her image is a trough

Pigs gnaw cleavage


Snort blackbird strands


Stumble stupidly in filtered slop

Pigs squeal at pixels
Digest skin with verve
lurk with lust

They feed & trespass
Pork boys
A swarm of filth

Morning & midnight
Backyard & bedroom
Online & overt
Catcalls & callouses

Wrecked on digital dope
Panting and posturing


All of them