Garbage Man



Stoked to have my story Garbage Man in the first issue of Glove Magazine. A massive thank you to Ian Cusack for including my tale alongside some familiar, talented names. This zine is only in print, but you can order a copy via PayPal here:





The Gambler



Welp, I’m more than stoked to have my story The Gambler published by the phenomenal journal (b)OINK zine. A massive thank you to the editors Rob Parrish, Robert Vaughan, and Chelsea Laine Wells for giving my story a slick home. All three are respected and accomplished writers in the flash world. The first two issues of (b)OINK have included a who’s who of flash fiction. I can’t properly articulate how grateful I am for this opportunity. I will celebrate publication day by eating a bowl of homemade chia seed pudding because I’m nerdy and pretentious cool like that.

You can read my story here


Church Food



My tiny tale Church Food is live over at The Drabble. This site publishes stories 100 words and under, which is nice if you’re struggling to write something longer. Check them out, you can read dozens of stories before you finish a cup of coffee.

You can read my story here


Bodies in the Snow



The Prize Winners Anthology from the Molotov Cocktail arrived in the mail the other day. My story Bodies in the Snow is included, along with all top-ten finishers from their quarterly flash fiction contests. It’s pretty cool for a writer when a story appears in print, something you can hold and/or um do strange things with (literally have sex with the book) in the bedroom. Or just place it on the bookshelf like a normal person.

I missed the last contest, and I might miss the current one, Flash Doom, but if you write or read weird, dark flash fiction, you should check them out. The Molotov Cocktail contests pay the top three finishers a generous sum of money, and the remaining seven finalists receive a shoutout on social media and whatnot, as well as appearing in print. And the close-but-no-cigar folks also receive a mention. Cool beans. Or cool black beans because I eat a ton of them with my new diet.

If interested, you can order the Prize Winners Anthology here.