There is Wreckage (flash fiction) March 2021 The Lumiere Review

Smooth (flash fiction) January 2021 The Daily Drunk

Abandoned (flash fiction) November 2020 Ellipsis Zine

Chasing the Dime (CNF) November 2020 Back Patio Press

Holes and Killers (flash fiction) October 2020 Dream Journal

Track Rat (Flash fiction) October 2020 Anti-Heroin Chic

A Most Depressing Week (CNF) September 2020 X-R-A-Y

I’ll Have What He’s Having (flash fiction) September 2020 Spelk

Trash (flash fiction) August 2020 The Daily Drunk

White Death (flash fiction) March 2020 Mystery Tribune

Myrmecia Pyriformis (flash fiction) March 2020 Back Patio Press

Opposites Don’t Attract (flash fiction) March 2020 Storgy

Someday (flash fiction) March 2020 Ellipsis

A Torch in the Dark (flash fiction) January 2020 (mac)ro(mic)

Killing Humens and Baysbawl (flash fiction) October 2019 Back Patio Press

Chelsea the Bear (flash fiction) August 2019 Flash Fiction Magazine

Pharm Boy (flash fiction) June 2019 X-R-A-Y

Here Comes the Orange (CNF) June 2019 Ellipsis Zine

I’ll Have What He’s Having (flash fiction) June 2019 FlashFlood

Junk Life (flash fiction) April 2019 Flash Fiction Online

Crowd of Teeth (flash fiction) February 2019 Derelict Lit

The Smile (flash Fiction) February Green Light Lit

Snake in a Bag (flash fiction) February 2019 Elephants Never

The Search (nonfiction) February 2019 Gravel

So Humble, So Everything (flash fiction) January 2019 Spelk

One Sunrise Left (flash fiction) January 2019 Mystery Tribune

Rock City Steel (flash fiction) January 2019 Constellate Literary Journal

I was A Man Who Breathed (flash fiction) December 2018 FlashBack Fiction

A Prayer Called Raspberry Affair (essay) June 2018 JMWW

Larry Has Risen (flash fiction) June 2018 NFFD Flash Flood

Even A Junkyard Is Glorious At Night (flash fiction) April 2018 Bending Genres

Storm Jars (flash fiction) February 2018 formercactus

En Fuego (flash fiction) February 2018 Train Lit

In the Cardinal’s Mouth (flash fiction) January 2018 Soft Cartel

Animals On A Wire (flash fiction) January 2018 The Cabinet of Heed

Jasper Goes to a Party (flash fiction) December 2017 Déraciné Magazine

Neon Hearts (short story) December 2017 CalenDark, The Infernal Almanac

Blue Siren (essay) December 2017 Sidereal Magazine

Tangerine (flash fiction) November 2017 Ellipsis Zine

The Crayon Moon (flash fiction) November 2017 Marauder Literary Journal

Goop (flash Fiction) October 2017 Molotov Cocktail (3rd place in the Flash Monster Contest)

Take Me Apart (flash fiction) October 2017 Bad Pony

Blue Eyes Open and Wild (flash fiction) October 2017 Moonchild Magazine

Sad City (essay) September 2017 The Ginger Collect

zoom, click, save (flash fiction) September 2017 Occulum

Someday Street (flash fiction) August 2017 Midwestern Gothic (Summer Flash Winner Round 2)

Desperation Begs for the Saw (flash fiction) August 2017 Ghost Parachute

The Waste of Man (nonfiction) July 2017 Digging Through the Fat

The Great Columbus Motel Pool (flash fiction) June 2017 Ellipsis Zine

Powerball for Drifters (flash fiction) May 2017 Lost Balloon

Don’t Forget the Lily (flash fiction) May 2017 Anti-Heroin Chic

Sun, Gun, Gone (flash fiction) May 2017 Rabble Lit

Eaters of Fire (flash fiction) April 2017 Fictive Dream

She Gave Him Violence (flash fiction) April 2017 Easy Street

The Bluest of Blue Ribbons (flash fiction) February 2017 Moonglasses Magazine

Fiona & Glen (flash fiction) February 2017 Twisted Sister Lit

Garbage Man (flash fiction) February 2017 Glove Magazine

The Gambler (flash fiction) February 2017 (b)OINK

Church Food (flash fiction) January 2017 The Drabble

A Tall Drink of Cowboy (flash fiction) January 2017 The Dirty Pool

I’ll Have What He’s Having (flash fiction) July 2016 Spelk Fiction

A Long Box of Sexy (flash fiction) July 2016 The Airgonaut

Giddyup, Buttercup (flash fiction) July 2016 Brilliant Flash Fiction

A Love Called Nimbostratus (flash fiction) June 2016 Five 2 One Magazine

Soft Is A Condition (flash fiction) June 2016 FlashFlood

Ecru Skin (flash fiction) April 2016 Fiction on the Web

Bones of Weed (poetry) March 2016 Revolution John

Driftwood (flash fiction) March 2016 Jellyfish Review

Bet the Chalk (flash fiction) February 2016 WhiskeyPaper

There is Wreckage (flash fiction) December 2015 Sick Lit Magazine

Iris (flash fiction) November 2015 Visual Verse

Bodies in the Snow (flash fiction) October 2015 Molotov Cocktail

Bottom of the Ninth (flash fiction) October 2015 Red Fez

Junk Life (flash fiction) September 2015 Bartleby Snopes

Peppermint Fresh (flash fiction) September 2015 Literally Stories

Residue & Glass Noise (prose poems) September 2015 Unbroken Journal

Everything Is A Bruise (flash fiction) September 2015 Yellow Chair Review

May Cause Drowsiness (poem) August 2015 Melancholy Hyperbole

The Cleaners (flash fiction) August 2015 Flash Fiction Magazine

Scroll the Night (poem) July 2015 Snapping Twig

Glint of Transference (prose poem) May 2015 The Camel Saloon

Hands of a Charlatan (flash fiction) April 2015 NFFD FlashFlood journal

Liquid Nights (flash fiction) April 2015 Spelk Fiction

The Darkest Blue (flash fiction) April 2015 Issue 8 Maudlin House

Beneath the Rind (flash fiction) March 2015 Unbroken

Julienned Heart (flash fiction) February 2015 101 Words

The Artificer (flash fiction) January 2015 Infernal Ink Magazine

Infernum (flash fiction) January 2015 Molotov Cocktail

Synthia (flash fiction) December 2014 East Coast Ink Magazine

GlassFire (flash fiction) December 2014 FlashDogs Anthology

No Treat. Only Trick. (flash fiction) The Poised Pen Frightening Flash Fiction Competition Anthology December 2014

Hands of a Charlatan (flash fiction) November 2014 Luminous Creatures Press

Sweet Tooth (flash fiction) November 2014 Linguistic Erosion

Circulation (flash fiction) October 2014 Flashes in the Dark

Crowd of Teeth (flash fiction) July 2014 #409 Thick Jam

Indifference (flash fiction) DOGZPLOT July 21 2014

Unresolved (flash fiction) National Flash Fiction Day FlashFlood Write-In June 21 2014

DWS (flash fiction) NFFD FlashFlood June 21 2014

Plastic Heart (flash fiction) Issue One – Firewords Quarterly May 2014

The Hungry Man (flash fiction) Issue 70 April 2014 Burningword Literary Journal

Henry And The Sun (fictional short story) March 2 2014 BareBack Magazine

Here Comes The Orange (nonfiction) March 2 2014 Not Your Eyes

Check The Fridge (flash fiction) Volume 4, Issue 22 The Molotov Cocktail

Gimmick Town (flash fiction) 01/24/14 Weirdyear

When The Shadow Comes (flash fiction) 12/25/2013 Microstory A Week

The Silent Door (nonfiction) Issue 61 October 2013 Red Fez

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