Take Me Apart



I’m more than excited to have my story Take Me Apart published in the first issue of Bad Pony. This lit mag is edited by Emily Corwin and J.D. Thornton. I’m grateful to them for giving my tale a slick home.

You can read my story here







Kiss My Paralysis


Motion is health

Legs pump like a heart

Arms stab sun and vapor

Bones collide on boulevards

Smiles taunt in cafés

Eyes fuck on dance floors

Urges twist on linen

Happy caresses happy


Insurrection births remedy

Your vitality in my hands

My affliction in your mouth

Us loosed from dominion

Us writing the law

Veins gulping touch

Skin choking restraint

Bodies like charred pearls

Royal Hush

Gun photo by Matthew Fern

Weight for me. That’s what her note said. With a face as delicate and edible as spun sugar and a body as luscious as a wedge of cheesecake, improper spelling wasn’t exactly a deal-breaker. She fled six days ago. I’m still weighting.

My neighbor, Mitch, shuffles the deck. Poker night at the melancholy casino. His wife bolted two months prior and her departure is etched on his cracked face.

“She’s in the wind, man. A paper ghost. Let her go.”

He was right.

“Just deal the cards.”

He flicks his wrist. Queen of hearts.

A regal gun.

A red sniper.

We bust-out laughing, our neurotic cackle heavy with loss.

My entry in the latest Micro Bookends competition. Your story had to inspired by the photo above with a word count between 90 – 110. First word had to be Weight and the last word Loss. My story received an Honorable Mention this week.

Comment from David Borrowdale, the judge this week as well as the host of this lovely contest: “It starts with a fantastic title and gets better from there. “Weight for me” is a sneaky, yet original, use of the opening bookend, and completely believable from the woman described brilliantly as having “a face as delicate and edible as spun sugar and a body as luscious as a wedge of cheesecake”. The “melancholy casino” sounds like a grim place, but even there you can find humour.”