Blue Eyes Open and Wild


Thrilled to announce that my story Blue Eyes Open and Wild was published in the first issue of Moonchild Magazine. This journal is edited by the kind and talented Nadia Gerassimenko. A big thank you to her for giving my tale a charming home.

You can read my story here






Someday Street

Photo by David J. Thompson


Well, I am beyond thrilled that my story Someday Street was chosen as the winner of the second round of the Midwestern Gothic Summer 2017 Flash Fiction Series. You had to incorporate the prompt above and your story had to be under 500 words. A huge thank you to all the staff at Midwestern Gothic. This contest helped me break free from a lengthy bout of writer’s block.

I tend to get sentimental and corny when I find some success with my writing. Maybe it’s a symptom of getting old. But this one means so much to me because last year I was too intimidated by the quality of stories they routinely published that I didn’t even submit anything. I didn’t think I possessed the talent required to compete alongside the more accomplished writers. But this year I realized I had nothing to lose besides my fragile confidence, pride, and ego. Sometimes you have to go all-in with your writing regardless of any potential failure. A chip, a chair, and prayer, the mantra of a degenerate gambler. Or a neurotic writer of flash fiction.

You can read the tragically beautiful runner-up story by Vahid Arefi here

You can read my winning story here






Eaters of Fire

My story Eaters of Fire is live over at the wonderful Fictive Dream. It was truly a pleasure working the editor, Laura Black. A couple of months ago she sent me a file of images to choose from to pair with my tale. And sent another one closer to publication day just in case I thought it would be a better match. I stuck with the current image on the site, but it was refreshing to be included in the process. And rare. A lovely experience from beginning to end.

You can read my story here



El Niño



I’ve never been the type of person who gets all that upset when a celebrity/famous person passes away. I didn’t know them, it’s easy to be indifferent when you aren’t connected to someone. I might quote them on social media to show respect and whatnot but I’m not hurting or traumatized. But yesterday’s news shattered me.

José Fernández died in a boating accident. José Fernández, 24 years old. José Fernández, beloved pitcher for the Miami Marlins. José Fernández, who suffered tremendous hardship just to make it to the USA from his birthplace of Cuba. José Fernández, the kid with the electric arm and smile-inducing charm. José Fernández, a superstar.


The handsome hurler was the kind of pitcher you rooted for even if he was facing your favorite team. His repertoire of pitches was nasty as hell, and his energy and kid-like enthusiasm were infectious. He could wow us with a wicked curveball and make us smile with his endearing goofiness. Even the get-off-my-lawn old-timers were like yeah, that kid’s pretty freaking awesome. He had that rare ability to melt the hardest of baseball souls. José Fernández was the main attraction every time he toed the rubber. We were all mesmerized by his sick strikeouts and his genuine joy for the game. He played baseball the right way.

Yesterday was difficult. I got emotional a few times throughout the day because a man I never met died unexpectedly. He was so young. So talented. So happy. The silly boy inside me will miss him. The jaded adult inside me will miss him. He was unique and awe-inspiring and warm-hearted. He will never be forgotten.


José Fernández served time in a Cuban prison for attempting to defect to America. He once rescued his mother, who fell overboard during the voyage that ultimately proved successful. He dove into turbulent seas to save his mom. Come on. I can barely save chicken thighs in a Tupperware bowl, and this remarkable human being risked his own life for someone he loved. He was an inspirational and courageous man.


The baseball world is mourning the loss of a phenom who brought flair and authentic exuberance to the diamond. I can’t fully articulate my thoughts at the moment because this tragic news is so very shocking and sad. But I have been soothed by the responses of fans and other baseball players on Twitter. There is a ton of pain being expressed, as well as some wonderful memories. Baseball will never be quite the same without José Fernández.

Rest in peace, kid.




Blue Diary



chews nightfall to grieve

captures smoke in mason jars

dips married skin in propane


hunts when he shaves

cooks memories on a spoon

sucks on bergamot lolipops


uses gravel to exfoliate loss

worships papier-mâché breasts

drowns in lagoons of silence


goes down on glaciers & tidal waves

pours atonement in silver goblets

smiles at wasps