The Gambler



Welp, I’m more than stoked to have my story The Gambler published by the phenomenal journal (b)OINK zine. A massive thank you to the editors Rob Parrish, Robert Vaughan, and Chelsea Laine Wells for giving my story a slick home. All three are respected and accomplished writers in the flash world. The first two issues of (b)OINK have included a who’s who of flash fiction. I can’t properly articulate how grateful I am for this opportunity. I will celebrate publication day by eating a bowl of homemade chia seed pudding because I’m nerdy and pretentious cool like that.

You can read my story here


Bet The Chalk


I’m more than thrilled to have my story Bet The Chalk published by the well-regarded journal WhiskeyPaper. A huge thanks to Leesa Cross-Smith and Loran Smith for giving my work a lovely home. If you visit the site, please take the time to dive into the archives. I’ve read so many tales from WhiskeyPaper that I not only enjoyed immensely, but learned from as well. Just fantastic writing.

You can read my story here