NFFD Micro Competition


The National Flash Fiction Day Micro Competition announced their longlist finalists today. Out of nearly 600 entries, I placed 2 stories in the top 27. Ridiculous. I’m speechless.

You were allowed to submit up to 3 stories under 100 words each. To make the 27 longlisted out of 600 entries is just…WOW. And twice? Damn. I needed some good news. This qualifies. The Top Ten and winner will be announced tomorrow, but I’m not even worried about that. Just to make it this far is more than enough for an insecure writer. Truly humbled. Sorry about the blabbing, I’m just so thrilled.

The official longlist is here


[Update: I did not make the Top Ten. But it was a wonderful experience and I’m so proud to have 2 stories that the judges thought highly of and placed on their longlist. A little disappointed? Absolutely. Moderately encouraged? Absolutely. I”m happy with my placement but I need to be a touch better in the future.]




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