Sun, Gun, Gone


The day has finally arrived. I’m so dang excited to have my story Sun, Gun, Gone published in the first issue of Rabble Lit. This new journal is the brainchild of a writer I’ve admired from afar, Anna Lea Jancewicz. If you write and read flash fiction, you know who she is and how ridiculously talented she is. This is not hyperbole. She’s on a different level. A huge thank you to Anna, Claire Hopple, and the rest of the staff for including my story. Rabble Lit focuses on working class people and diversity, something I can certainly relate to. It’s a genre that tends to be ignored by the online writing world.

I tried to step out of my comfort zone with this piece. I hope you enjoy it. Either way, read the entire issue. It’s literally overflowing with phenomenal writers. For real.

You can read my story here




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