Forthcoming Vanity


I thought about exploring my recent obsessions with this post. These include: Buying jeans online, buying skin care products online, searching for casual cotton trousers for the spring season online, and using Amazon Prime as a remedy for heartache. And Saverne artisanal craft beer kraut. Seriously, the most delectable thing I’ve had in my mouth since, well, nevermind. Time for the Wellbutrin.

Instead, this will be a quick post about my writing. I just wanted to mention some upcoming publications for my flash fiction. All four should be out in the near future, probably April and May. Or maybe one in March. I’m not sure; my memory is awful.

She Gave Him Violence – Easy Street Magazine

Eaters of Fire ——– Fictive Dream

Powerball for Drifters — Lost Balloon

Sun, Gun, Gone ——-Rabble Lit 

I’m pretty stoked about all of them. The last two are brand new journals with a murderers’ row of writers lined up. I’m a bit intimidated, to be honest. But I’m also proud and grateful. If an uneducated hack like me can get published by respected journals, anybody can.

Keep writing. Keep submitting. Keep persevering.

Keep wearing sweatpants?

Keep overusing the word keep.

Let your stories and poems speak louder than the rampant misogyny, racism, homophobia, and xenophobia that pollutes our digital world. Build a wall made of imagination, observation, and prose. Don’t ban Muslims, ban all the cowardly bigots who spew hate behind false names on social media. Let your art be the orchid in a mud puddle. If not art, use your voice. Silence is perpetual indifference.

Keep wearing sweatpants?






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