Divided We Fall


Donald Trump is going to be the POTUS. Donald Trump. POTUS. How could this possibly happen? How could we elect someone so ridiculously unfit for office?

Here’s who we elected on Tuesday night:

  • A misogynist
  • A racist
  • An unethical cheat
  • A man who hates Muslims
  • A man who mocks those with disabilities
  • A man with zero political experience
  • A reality TV host
  • A man who wants to build a wall to keep out immigrants
  • A pariah

Who voted for him:


White people elected a narcissistic bigot. How shocking. All across social media all I see is indifference. Folks who, after the election, just say welp, let’s just love one another and respect each other and say kind things to everyone. No. You’re chasing “Likes.” You’re not standing up for anything. You’re not an ally for the voiceless. You won’t be placed on a pedestal because you refuse to take a stance. This is what supposedly “nice people” do, they tell us to look the other way. They tell us to not be angry. They tell us that everything will be just fine if we respect folks with awful, outdated beliefs. They are part of the reason Trump was elected. Evil will always win if people remain silent. Bigotry will always win if people don’t intervene. Our complacency elected a man who is certainly the most unqualified person to ever run for POTUS. Our arrogance allowed the racists and misogynists to win.


Hillary Clinton was not a flawless candidate, but she was the proper candidate. She doesn’t hate or judge folks based on skin color, country of origin, gender, sexual preferences, or disability. Clinton annihilated Trump in every single debate because she obviously has a clear understanding and nuanced take on foreign and national policy, while he just utters nonsensical stuff like nasty woman, make America great again, and bigly. She was born to lead the same way he was born to profit and discriminate. She was the only choice if you employed a shred of logic and compassion. But we elected a charlatan. A friend of the rich and privileged. An enemy to the poor and forgotten.


I underestimated how many racists and misogynists were out there just waiting for the right moment to reveal themselves. I was a bit naive to the brewing hatred lurking in white folks in 2016. Trump was the light on the porch; the secret bigots were the bugs flying into his deceitful glow. He won, not because of an avalanche of support, but because of our lack of support for a better candidate. Enough of us did not even vote. Too many of us assumed Clinton would win. Too many of us never challenged the neanderthal outlook of Trump voters. We were silent. We were indifferent and nonchalant. We looked the other way. We got exactly the POTUS we deserved. The blame rests upon our shoulders.


The kind and supposedly caring folks mean well, I don’t dispute that. But meaning well is safe and unproductive. Meaning well is not an agent of change. Meaning well after electing a monster is rather meaningless. It can be difficult to be outspoken on social media, we might be afraid to offend family or friends. Someone might block us or unfriend us. Who cares? We can’t be deterred by pettiness. Use your voice, scream your views to the digital world. Be persistent. Be heard. Just don’t be a reticent ghost. A mute sheep. That’s how an abomination like Donald Trump gets elected.

I’m angry. I want to be angry. Anger is the only available emotion at the moment. More people should be drunk with anger. If you have a daughter, wife, sister, mother, aunt, black or Hispanic family member, Muslim friend, LGBT co-worker, or disabled relative, you should be angry. How can you not be?

We can’t unring the bell.

We failed.


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