Recently, a woman named Korryn Gaines was shot by police during a prolonged standoff. According to law enforcement, she had a shotgun on her person, and her young son was in the home. The cops say she threatened them and pointed the weapon in their direction, which led to them killing her after an exchange of gunfire initiated by them. I rarely accept the first police version of what transpired when a black person’s death is involved. I know police have a tendency to shape the early narrative in their favor. It happens frequently. But I don’t want to rehash this case here because I spent hours on this subject yesterday, which led to this post.

The hashtag #KorrynGaines erupted on Twitter yesterday because, as mentioned above, yet another black individual was shot and killed by a police officer. And, as expected, the racists emerged from every corner of the digital landscape to attack Korryn Gaines due to (in their eyes) her unsavory background. Or subpar parenting. Or having a legally owned shotgun. Or her attitude. Or because she was black. Yes, I think her being black was the issue, obviously. The situation veered into hostility in a matter of minutes. I engaged them in a lengthy debate/argument. Hundreds of tweets went flying from my Chromebook. As I’ve said previously, I think it’s paramount to use your voice, and use it with vigor, when a segment of society slings hate with the sole intention of causing harm, mental or physical, to a person or group of persons. We can live in our rainbow bubble and choose silence and indifference if we want, but that doesn’t work for me.

I defended the life of Korryn Gaines to the best of my limited abilities. It was rather intense to be honest. And I got frustrated and irritated by their insistence on victim-shaming a dead woman, as well as promoting a serious lack of empathy. And their blind devotion to the police. Their blatant racism.

But, out of the blue, a lovely lady sent me a tweet. We don’t follow one another on Twitter, I don’t know her. She, like most of us, saw that #KorrynGaines was trending and read all the tweets. I always do the same. Anyway, she must have seen my avalanche of comments because she decided to reach out to me. I’m not sharing her tweet to boast or bring attention to myself, I don’t require nor seek the spotlight. It just truly made me feel nice during a time of massive annoyance. She made my day and I’m appreciative of her kind words. Her tweet to me is below. It’s been a bit of a bumpy ride for my emotional state lately, and this one tweet impacted me in a profound way. There is good in the world even when I don’t always believe that to be true.



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