This video has been circulating on social media today. Women are harassed online at levels I can’t even comprehend. And when it comes to sports, female reporters are routinely threatened, marginalized, belittled, and treated like an inferior human. The staff at Just Not Sports put this video together with the help of director Chad Cooper to shine a spotlight on this troubling issue. The comments in the video are real words used by men on Twitter, lobbed at Julie DiCaro and Sarah Spain, two sports journalists. They asked other men to read these insults to the victims faces. It’s difficult to watch, and the poise and strength shown by both of them is admirable. A lesson in composure and resilience for everyone.

Men, we need to do better. Stop with the spewing of hatred at women online. Think before you type. Choose class over trash. And ask yourself if menacing women on the internet makes you feel good about your character, maturity, and growth as a human being.

As I mentioned, this video isn’t easy to watch. But it’s powerful and repulsive and needs to be seen by all men.


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