Sunday Prose 2

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I wasn’t sure if I would do a week two of Sunday Prose because my laziness is relentless. But it’s back! Can you feel the excitement in your pancreas? Is saliva pouring from your mouth in anticipation of some mighty fine flash fiction? Do you secretly want to suffocate me with a metaphorical pillow? Alright!

Same drill as last week. I’ll pick three flash stories that I adore for various reasons and provide just a couple of words about them. I won’t be analyzing them, I’ll let you inhale the words and decide if each piece works for you. Also, I’m not necessarily linking fresh stories. Some might be newish, some might a year old or more. Just depends upon what’s in my head as I write each post.

If you would like to read my selections from last week, click right here.

Bang a gong and let’s get it on.

Salvages by Gabrielle Hovendon (WhiskeyPaper)
Gritty and profound, this story is one of my all-time favorite flash pieces. If you don’t fall in love with Bird, you’re not a human being.

Photokeratitis by Chloe Clark (Molotov Cocktail)
An exploration of a relationship during a massive storm. Love the structure of this story. A smart, nuanced tale teeming with subtle emotion.

First Date by Aaron J. Housholder (Wyvern Lit)
A friend of mine recommended this story to me last year. This is my kind of flash. Dark humor, strange, beautiful, and so much more.

As always, a couple of tunes.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Prose 2

  1. stephellis2013

    Great choices again, the first two in particular. With the last one I’d have told them to get up of the floor and grow up! (Probably the mother in me plus the effects of working with teens!).

  2. Ah, can’t wait to read through the first two later! And Aaron’s story “First Date” is killer. He wrote on for FFM too called “Severed” and it is a creepy fun time as well. Keep this up please, Chris. I look forward to reading your recs!

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