Sunday Prose 1

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The coffee is swimming in my veins. I’m vaping like a fiend. And I’m bored. What does all this mean? A new feature on Wisp of Smoke! The four of you who read my blog should be stoked! Sunday Prose has left the womb!

Every Sunday I’m going to share three works of flash fiction that impressed me, or moved me, or made me jealous of the writer’s skill. Just damn good writing. Writing that deserves to be seen across multiple platforms. Writing that will linger in the mind. Writing that we can all learn from.

This is not an original concept. An online journal does a Sunday thing; Twitter has a Short Story Sunday etc…but I firmly believe in the power of fiction to transport us to a magical place, a place devoid of real life noise. And I think it’s important to spotlight/share stories, music, and art that delivers something gorgeous and profound into our souls. I might offer a couple of words about each story, but I won’t analyze them. That’s not my bag. I’ll just let you enjoy them and make your own conclusions about what lurks beneath the words.

Are you amped up? Are you delirious with curiosity? Are you lusting for prose? Did you stop reading this post after the first sentence? Let’s do this!

Consequence by Elizabeth Deanna Morris Lakes (Smokelong Quarterly)
Beautiful, tragic and a direct punch to the gut.

The Carnival Man by Pete Stevens (Knee-jerk Magazine)
So detailed. Smile or frown at the end? Fantastic writing.

A Family In The Last Half Of The Twentieth Century by Jeff Esterholm (Cheap Pop)
So damn original. And it makes the reader feel something deeply. Strong writing.

And I can’t post anything without including some tunes. The Suuns are a band you need to listen to. Creative, strange, and smart, their music crawls inside your bones and stays there.


10 thoughts on “Sunday Prose 1

      1. I can’t make out that pic but I think it’s a melancholy moon? Haha. But yeah Consequence is so good. I’ve read it multiple times in an attempt to learn something.

      2. I wasn’t sure if the emoji would work. But, you know it’s a melancholy moon. šŸ˜‰ Yes Consequence is definitely good narrative to study. I will def need a reread on that one.

      3. Yeah, I’m looking from my phone. It’s tiny. Probably bigger on the laptop. Honestly, I dig Carnival Man just as much. I have no idea if it’s sad or not. Depends lol. And him spraying mud off his boots at the end. Perfect. I can visualize that scene.

  1. stephellis2013

    Hi Chris, dropped in to have a read. All great stories, ‘Consequences’ and ‘A Family …’ particularly resonate with my own experience of loss. Will be sure to return but an FB reminder is always good šŸ™‚

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