Savage Sunday

Another Place at Crosby Beach

A stone church
lacquered pew
bruised knees
mind of scripture
heart of homicide
prayers in your throat
oh faithful bird
baptize your trauma
weep stained-glass tears
from candlelight eyes
revel in black bells
exploding on the cross
toll, toll, toll
for you, holy bird
ancient lungs heave
for you

drop your head
rosary beads curled
around brutal hands
like brass knuckles
preacher man vomits
his addictive sermon
you, naked with worship
aroused human tongue
lick, lick, lick
a prophet’s truth
gag on psalms
drink a serpent’s glory
oh righteous bird
home is atonement
salvation is a window
open your bones

This poem of mine finished third in the Poised Pen Another Place poetry contest. With my placing, I was actually able to put some coin in my pocket, a rare thing. I also won a poetry book from the judge James Nash. Your poem had to be inspired from the photo above, and you had to use three key words. I chose: naked, man, and home. The results page can be found here.


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