Flash Monster II Results!

I needed to hear some good news today and this certainly fits the bill. So damn excited.

The Molotov Cocktail

Strike up the band…
monster band

…the Flash Monster winners have arrived. 

Flash Monster II had a strong turnout, topping last year’s original Flash Monster contest by a handful of entries. The quality seems to be going up as well, as the selection process was truly grueling, especially among the Top 30 or so. 

A big thanks to associate editor Mary Bond for keeping everything on track and helping to ensure that we really did pick the crème de la crème. 

We had quite the international turnout this time around. We received entries from the USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, France, and Australia! Heaps of entries from our friends in the UK, so a big thanks from across the pond. 

Again, this was a very close competition, and we have some shout-outs to those who didn’t quite make the final cut. Close-but-no-cigar awards go to Carly Hallman, Sylvia Heike,

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6 thoughts on “Flash Monster II Results!

    1. Thanks, Aeryn. Well, I wish I could write a story as nuanced and full of striking imagery as your “Beyond the Block. “I plunge into darkness, and here I wait for death. I wait for sight and hearing to fade. I wait to behold the gates of heaven or writhe in the fires of damnation.”


      His breath smells of onions and pipe weed. “Stay still, and the axe will bite clean.” It is a kindness, this warning.

      Just awesome stuff, man.

      1. Hey, your story didn’t exactly lack for striking imagery. “His mother, a ponytailed menace with a taste for cream pantsuits, honed her own black cleaver in this suburban butcher shop.” or “She wasn’t the creator of torture, but she grasped its nuances, those pressure points that snapped one’s resolve like a paper-thin cracker . . .”

        That is good, good stuff right there.

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