Bottom of the Ninth


I’m thrilled to have my baseball story Bottom of the Ninth published by Red Fez. A massive thanks to Leopold McGinnis and his team for giving my tale a slick home. Red Fez published my very first piece of writing two years ago, and to come back to them again and be accepted is pretty damn cool. My gratitude is immense.

You can read my story here


6 thoughts on “Bottom of the Ninth

  1. I’m a huge baseball fan myself (and I’ve also dabbled in baseball fiction), so you were speaking my language here. The plight of the career minor leaguer has to be one of the saddest stories in baseball. I mean, they’re the definition of getting within inches of your dreams and just falling short . . . over and over again. What could be more heartbreaking? Great story.

    By the way, who’s your team? Lifelong Braves fan here.

    1. Thanks for reading. Actually, I commented on your blog once and we talked baseball for a bit. Lifelong Expos/Nationals fan. A year of disappointment. Go Cubs?? In the playoffs, I guess. Not the Mets, hell no. Yeah, I’m a sucker for the aging vet trope.

      1. Me too. That’ll be a great game. I was hoping for an Astros/Cubs World Series, but Cubs/Blue Jays would be fun too . . . and would probably break records for most homers in a WS. 😉

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