Every Breath You Take


Movement was his intoxicant. If he could pour her enhanced slither into a glass tumbler, he would find oblivion.

Jason observed from the corner. A slow dance, her body painted in satin, the kind you didn’t buy at a thrift store. Hips and eyes in suggestive unison, a subtle coquetry. Hands as elegant as gold foil clawed the affluent back of a silver-haired man. The way her face disrobed when the suave cadaver tossed a compliment.

Back when he was transfixed and she was bored, it was her honesty that he admired. Jennifer had said from the beginning that she would never stay. Barbecues and bowling leagues induced dread. Nuclear families with a dog named Sparky were dupes with white picket delusions. Contentment breeds romantic fatigue.

A flute of champagne floated to her lips. Jason drank her arms, her skin, her escape. He swallowed pale gasoline, her incendiary truth.


My first entry in the latest installment of Flash! Friday. The story elements I chose were the conflict of Man vs Society and the theme of Obsession. Your tale had to be between 100-150 words. My story didn’t make the podium this week, but I received some wonderful feedback. I actually thought this story was the stronger of my two entries, but as you’ll see with my next post, the other one fared a bit better.

For what it’s worth, I was listening to this classic during the revision stage. Hidden meaning? Possibly


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