Teeth of Prose: FlashDogs


Yesterday, a pack of furry beasts busted their chains, howled maniacally in various accents, and ran wild across the digital lawn of the Internet. They want your attention. They want to do tricks for you. They want your eyeballs.

The FlashDogs are back.

143 stories from a global community of supremely talented writers across two books: Light and Dark. The theme linking the stories together is the summer/winter solstice. We were given four unique photo prompts and were tasked with only one demand: write a sublime story/stories.

I contributed four stories for this anthology, one of which was a collaborative tale with the charming Voima. To be included in this anthology for a second time is truly an honor. I remember waiting on the Golden Ticket (invitation) with more than a little anxiety brewing within. When it eventually arrived, I did a fist pump and kissed the computer screen. Ran naked through the streets Hamilton. I might have been a wee bit excited.

All proceeds from the books goes to a wonderful charity called the Book Bus. This organization places books in the hands of children from Asia, South America and Africa. It’s a noble endeavor, and one I applaud.

A massive thank you is in order for the tenacious folks behind this anthology: Mark A. King, David Shakes, Emily June Street and Tamara Rogers. Without their tireless work, there is no FlashDogs anthology. It’s that simple. Plus, if I had ended up on the editorial team, we would probably be the FlashPaintedTreeFrogs. Or the FlashDolphins. Maybe the FlashAardvarks. Alas, we are the FlashDogs, and I’m a damn proud member. Grrrrr (Human dog growl. Try it out loud, it’s fun)

You can order the books below, print or digital. Or both. You won’t be disappointed.

Ebook: Light and Dark

Print: Light and Dark

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