Family Time

vaults-for-humans Photo Credit: Mark Hillary

Silent perversion filled their minds like a blooming lullaby. A magnetized melody. Daniel and his boy shared a glance then floated down to the basement.

Molly was crumpled in a porcelain casket, an antique clawfoot tub. Her lacquered, rouged face resembled a ventriloquist’s dummy. Her carved throat appeared to be smiling at them.

“She can’t scream at us no more, papa.”

“She can’t do anything no more, son.”

“Can we kill her again?”

“Dead is dead. Don’t be greedy. Give her a kiss goodnight.”

Henry squatted and pecked his mother sloppily. He detected the nectar of neglect on her lips, a boozy decay lurking beneath a cherry-red, ghoulish film.


This would’ve been my entry in the weekly Micro Bookends contest if my insecurities didn’t get the best of me. I abstained from submitting at the last second. Your story had to begin with the word Silent and end with Film. Your inspiration was the photo above and the word count needed to be between 90-100.


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