img-thingYour coffee cup is where you left it

on the counter, next to the sugar bowl

Bone-white with a swirl of residue

on the inside, a silhouette of past

consumption adhered to its delicate walls

I drink from it at times with the hope

it’s you I taste, a bittersweet burst of

vibrant havoc in an aromatic sip

But it’s only a roasted bean on my tongue,

not you, not anything, only the swill of absence

When I replace it beside its granular soul mate,

my fingers caress your warm abandoned lip,

Lonely skin tracing your vanished ceramic kiss.

With April being National Poetry Month, I felt it was the perfect to time to be inspired to write. I’m not a poet by any stretch of the imagination but this is a great time to get the creative juices flowing and at least make an effort. And you should too. Write away, folks. Unleash your inner poet!


8 thoughts on “Decaffeinated

  1. Nice work. I didn’t realize April was poetry month, but I find myself contemplating, reading and wanting to write poetry more than fiction, although I almost always end up doing the latter more. Poetry’s hard.

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