Distant Spread

Dominoes Photo by Esben Theis Jensen

Blueberry manslaughter was splashed on the kitchen floor and Eliza’s plaid pajamas.

“I made you a healthy shake, Daddy. There’s banana in it too.”

Two sloppy glasses sat on the counter next to the blender. “Thank you, Sunshine. Is that one for mommy?”

“Yes. If she drinks it she won’t sleep so much. It’s a magical potion.”

“That’s a wonderful and caring idea. How about you run upstairs and bring it to her. She’ll love it.”

Her concoction actually tasted good, a refreshing palate cleanser, but it didn’t have the nutrients to purify Kate’s marauded bloodstream. Eliza and her fruity medicine would never ascend that precipitous and terminal hill.


My entry in the the latest Micro Bookends weekly contest. The photo above was your prompt and the first word had to be Blueberry and the last word Hill. Word count between 90-110. My story received an Honorable Mention this week and the kind words from the judge, David Borrowdale, are below.

“Blueberry manslaughter” is definitely the best use of the opening bookend this week. Such a sad story A little girl wants to help her sick mother by making her nutritious smoothies. “Kate’s marauded bloodstream” is a wonderful expression of the disease Eliza is trying to combat.



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