Under the Weather

My entry in the latest Micro Bookends contest. A story based on the photo below, between 90 – 110 words and the first word had to be General and the last word Theory. After witnessing a lot of my Twitter pals entering this competition week after week, I decided to give it a shot. And I’m pretty stoked to be awarded 2nd place on my first attempt there. Big thanks to Nancy Chenier for judging this week. Her comment about my story can be found at the bottom of this post.

??????? photo by Thomas Leth-Olsen

General lethargy. A self-diagnosis procured through a Google search of “I’m in a hole.” A bit pedestrian if you ask me. Was hoping to score a plague of some sort. Bubonic or pneumonic.

She sat there gnawing the styrofoam on her cup of coffee. Others took their turn at revealing themselves; proud faces spilling illness and availability.

Lust arose. “Hi, I’m Miranda. Scurvy. Unattached.” My heart veered into chaos when she spoke.

Everyone ogled me, including her.

“Adam. Black Death with a trace of dementia. Searching.”

Her eyes ate mine. I returned the volley then refilled her cup.

Affliction is a dance with addiction. Just a sick man’s theory.

Judge’s comment: “This one intrigued me right away. The premise reminded me a little of the first half of Fight Club with Jack attending all those support groups (always a good thing). The voice of the opening lured me right in (and the lateral use of the picture prompt—I don’t know if you intended the wordplay with “pedestrian”, but it worked for me with the manhole covers). Sharp writing kept hold of me: “proud faces spilling illness and availability”, “heart veered into chaos”, “her eyes ate mine”.



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