Born to Burn

My entry in the Flash Friday! Flashversary contest. This is an annual competetion that drew well-over a hundred entries. It was huge! The story needed to be inspired by the photo below and the word count was to be exactly 150. This was the first round of a three round contest.

I’m quite pleased that my story made the Top 25 and moved on to the semifinals. (More on the next round in my next post) I had a lot of fun writing this tale. Hope you enjoy it.

140957047_856673549b_o photo by Petteri Sulonen

My name is Benjamin. This is a goodbye of sorts. You may have seen my work on the news over the years. You won’t grieve for me.

Fire was my morning coffee, my lady in lingerie. It sparked the blood. I thought about infernos in the shower. I forged an alliance with gasoline, an incendiary relationship. And when I ached, I struck a match.

I derived no pleasure from carnage. I felt vacant when a church became embers of charred salvation. When the molotov cocktails splashed on the grinning do-gooders, their terror didn’t captivate me, it was the machinations of the blaze; the manner in which it pursued its quarry. There was beauty in the way fire slithered, a deceptive gyration, like a supple ballerina contorting her body.

My mind is incurable and hell awaits. Tonight, I seek a combustible untethering. The flame will taste the skin of its lover.


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