Hands of a Charlatan

Week one of the Luminous Creatures Press Winter of Whimsy and Wyrdness contest began this week. The photo prompt below was your inspiration and the word count max was 500. You could also incorporate magic in some fashion to have a chance at being selected for a future anthology.

My story received an Honorable Mention and is featured on the Luminous Creatures site. You can read it here https://luminouscreaturespress.com/hands-of-a-charlatan-by-chris-milam/

Cs-clock-300x300 photo by Christian Miller


3 thoughts on “Hands of a Charlatan

  1. “…a jewelry box, an ornate coffin for lost things,” “…her delicate wrist burdened by the weight of caustic love.” Wow! These are the lines I’ve come to expect in your writing and each time you share a new flash piece I am delighted to read. Another fantastic write, congratulations on the HM!

    1. Wow. Thank you for reading and the lovely comments. I think I’m blushing. Ha. I’ve seen your tiny flash at Microbookends and Flash Friday (strong work) which begs the question, why not give Luminous Creatures a shot? 500 words or less with a pic prompt. It only lasts until early December and with the optional theme of “magic”, you can possibly be selected for their anthology. The contest post’s on Thursday….. would be thrilled to see what you could come up with..

      1. I’ll try to pop in and check it out, this was the first I’d seen of Luminous Creatures. November is a bit crazy for me at the moment, I’m writing for NaNoWriMo and going through edits for a poetry chapbook. Thanks for the encouragement.

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