This would’ve been my entry in first edition of the Micro Bookends flash contest but I thought the deadline was Saturday, when in actuality it was Friday night. I’m getting old and I confuse easily. The photo below was the prompt and you had to begin your story with the word first and the last word had to be born. Word count was between 90 and 110.

Microphones Photo Credit – Audio-Technica

First time speaking in front of an audience and I was crippled by my smallness. They were all waiting for my words of inspiration. Students, teachers, and parents sat in anticipation of something magical to come spilling out of my mouth. A horde of blurred faces craving a dazzling speech from the smart guy.

I knew I would impress them, it’s what I do. It’s the only thing that drives me, impressing people. Look at me. I matter. Accept me.

The selfish apparitions didn’t reserve a cushioned seat in the auditorium, and I wasn’t expecting them to suddenly care. I haven’t seen them since the day I was born.


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