Three Line Thursday

I discovered a new contest last week via Twitter. It’s called Three Line Thursday and, as the name implies, you have to write a 3 line (not sentence) poem/story inspired from a photo prompt. This contest was created by Grace Black, a talented writer herself. The turnout was strong, the writing was fabulous and, of course, the #FlashDogs made their presence known.

My poem (no titles) was named the winner this week. This is my first win in a writing contest, suffice it to say that I’m pretty stoked.


Photo by Matt Adamik Photography

Bloody snowflakes on a roasting tongue,

Dissolving into a blushing pool of you,

Lingering, refusing to be swallowed

Judge’s thoughts: “For me, I saw an entire movie in three short lines. This is a superb example of how three lines can impact your soul.”

Grace Black’s pick: Coincidentally my pick is also this week’s winner. Congratulations, Chris Milam  @Blukris!

Wow! What a stunning entry. Each line sets up the next, seamlessly, and I found myself reading with anticipation; Where was it going to take me? Just like rereading a favorite novel or poem, I found myself going back to it, again and again. “dissolving into a blushing pool of you…” delicious line!


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