And The Winner Is…

I decided to take a break from the Flash! Friday competition this week. Maybe I’m a little burned out but I still wrote a story before the deadline expired but I chose not to enter. Your story had to be inspired from the photo prompt below and arrogance had to be incorporated in some fashion. 160 word max as usual.


My husband once won an award for selling more knives door-to-door than anyone else. As a lark, his coworkers fashioned a crown from a torn magazine page and proceeded to anoint him the King of Blades. Edward was never the same.

At night, he would tell me that the salesman of the year required some loving from his queen. His paper crown would gash me in the face while his staph worked diligently at being underwhelming. I would fake it until he shuddered, then switch on Orphan Black.

He started using a pomade in his hair and an exotic serum on his skin. At breakfast, he requested poached eggs and chicory coffee instead of his usual jelly donut and Sanka. He became snide and judgemental and his ego ballooned. Edward had made a faustian deal.

At our divorce proceedings he flashed some white at the Judge and asked if His Honor would be interested in a Japanese-crafted titanium boning knife.


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