A Prescription Of Tunes

Sweetened coffee, a hard pack of Pall Mall’s and music. This is my morning ritual, no deviation, no variance. Caffeine that I’ve grown immune to, I don’t get jittery or get overcome by a burst of energy. Acrid cigarette smoke that is turning my lungs into a deathly shade of coal. But, I suck them down, savoring the nicotine as it tickles and scars my throat. Ear buds planted firmly and deep. Songs with dark and potent lyrics or a slick vibe, penetrating those crevices that I keep hidden. A mental lockbox.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted some songs on here and the opening paragraph above was a chance for me to hear myself talk because the beige walls that I constantly stare at are adept at reciprocating that thousand yard stare but they don’t listen very well. There’s no repartee, just silence. And judging. “Get off the couch” the walls seem to infer. I’m not a good listener, either.

So yeah, below are some songs I’ve been listening to recently. Light a smoke, take a sip of some free trade coffee and lose yourself in the music. Pretty sure I stole that last line from Eminem but I’m OK with that, sadly.

We Ride at Dawn: Instant Religion: http://youtu.be/RFV3DjVP6co

Portugal The Man – Created: http://youtu.be/eiWnvUdMmNg

Two Gallants – Trembling of the Rose: http://youtu.be/jvEGuxGipU8

Damien Jurado – The Killer: http://youtu.be/NkIh2NBwhUM

Nightfall: http://youtu.be/_Gx_0Vhv74I

7 thoughts on “A Prescription Of Tunes

  1. I’m like you, but in the evening since I work in the mornings. I’ll get the coffee going, earplugs in my ears, music going and soak it up. Minus the the cigarettes because I like to breathe.

    Anyhow, it’s arbitrary and whatnot, but just for fun, I’ll rank my favorites of the ones mentioned:

    1. Damien Jurado — The Killer. It’s a haunting song, but perhaps an even more haunting performance. The pain in his voice is palpable as fuck. Even more palpable etched on his face. I found myself watching his face more than anything. Remarkable.

    2. Portugal The Man – Created. Dig the sound and the vibes. Almost has a trippy flavor to it, like I should be listening to it on LSD or lying on my bed as a strobe light dances and disorients on my ceiling…

    3. Two Gallants – Trembling of the Rose. Controlled vocals here that help to carry the song and convey the emotion. Great title, by the way.

    4. Nightfall. Hard to explain, but this is “harder” to my ears, so not quite on the level with the sweetness, if you will, of Portugal The Man or Two Gallants.

    5. We Ride at Dawn – Instant Religion. Not quite my cup of tea — or coffee, as it were, — but that happens. Sometimes it takes a few more listens.

    Been meaning to do a music-related post lately, too, maybe once I get downing six more cups, I’ll give it a whirl.

    1. Made a decision not to analyze each song because I prefer the listener to absorb the music and interpret it how he/she sees fit. Didn’t want to muddy the waters I suppose.
      I couldn’t really rank them because I adore them for different reasons and also because my mood dictates my tastes most times. Trembling of the Rose would be the one song that truly resonates with me and it would be the one that I’d write if I had song writing ability.

  2. Man, I wish I had song-writing ability, but I feel like it’s not something you could do “justice” unless you were obviously more musically-inclined in terms of actually playing music.

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