Warring In Kabul

My entry this week in the Flash! Friday contest. Story had to use the picture prompt below plus incorporate “knowledge” somewhere in the piece. 160 word max as usual. My story received a “special mention” this week which was a surprise because the other stories were so strong. But any appearance on the “winners” is always a nice reward.


Saboora snapped pictures of the exodus. Tanks, jeeps, and camouflaged soldiers kicking up a smog of dust as they paraded through downtown Kabul. Her daughter, Parisa, waved a tiny red, white and blue flag. Street vendors hawked kabobs and naan. She captured images of their so-called liberators. The Americans were leaving.

Parisa joined her mother in the crowd.

“Maadar, are you happy the war is over? We’re free now.”

She stroked her daughter’s hair, intent on filling her with knowledge.

“My child, we are women of Afghanistan. Our war isn’t fought with bullets shot from rifles or bombs unleashed during the night. We face the minds of men, a war of tradition and customs. Religion. We are imprisoned in burkas and repressed by antiquated tribal laws. The war remains as the Americans depart.”

“Baba needs his dinner, can we go home now?”

Saboora nodded and grasped her daughter’s hand as American rock and roll blared from the heart of Kabul.


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