Flirting With The Iron Horse

My entry in the Flash! Friday competition this week. The photo below was the prompt and “treasure” had to be incorporated somewhere in the story. As always, max word count was 160.


Jennifer relaxed on the tracks. Legs intertwined yoga-style, her jaw cupped in her palm. The rails vibrated imperceptibly, the train a mile off. Her face, bronzed like sun-brewed tea, was emotionless, unconcerned that death was assured if she didn’t relocate in approximately three minutes. She waited.

“Honey, I’m sorry, come back inside.” yelped her husband from the porch of their shack that abutted the railroad. “You can watch Game of Thrones, I’ll just listen to the game on the radio. It’s fine.”

She grinned, unfurled her lanky frame and sauntered home.

Two weeks later, Tommy was perched on the tracks. Head resting on his sinewy forearms, his mouth chirping like a wounded goldfinch. He demanded his treasured chocolate pudding for dessert. He waited.

Jennifer observed from the window, stifling a yawn. The growling locomotive and its cargo of malice surged forward, a steaming dissolution of marriage.

She plunged deep into the butterscotch pudding. Her aroused tongue savoring every luscious mouthful.


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