Lost Again: Poems From The Invisible Period


Chaos in every synapse

As it flounders about

Landing with such force

Crushed by its tentacles

Seared by its naked truth

Lost again in its current

Blinded by the shards

Of this fragmented intrusion

Begging it to fade quickly

Knowing it will endure

The pixels form in my mind

I welcome it as I melt away


A tiresome walk over a burned bridge

Same old dance with a partner who cringes

Empathy lacking and interest waning

Moving forward on aching legs and a twisted mind

Black ghosts and a frigid gust following

A look of loathing bleeds from your robot eyes

A few more empty steps and I stop and stare

Enveloped in the stillness of the moment

The sky is dense with charcoal rage

Riding a memory of a lost time, of lost things

Wondering how everything slipped away

Wondering if she inhales another


The urge to lash out

At her

The need to resolve

My relevance

Wanting this memory

Now faded

Searching for clues of

Our disillusionment

You moved forward

I refuse

You are complete

I am fractured

Yet still I yearn

For us


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