When I consult my mental check-list of what I typically desire in a song, a theme takes shape; dark and depressing lyrics wrapped in a melody of misery. When I listen to a song I want to feel something in my core, I want to get lost in lyrics that mimic my life at that moment. Basically, if I’m in pain or anguish, I require music to reciprocate. If I’m struggling with some inner-turmoil, I’m not hitting play on a Creed or Lumineers CD, that’s for sure. I’ll slide into a Lamontagne or Damien Jurado song and drift away in their melancholic world. My mood begets my music.

My mood lately has improved which in turn, is influencing my musical choices. As the fog of addiction burns away and the silent death of depression dissipates, I find myself yearning for something more uplifting. I’ve never been an “uplifting” song kind of guy, I almost had to google its meaning to be semi-honest. That’s the wonderful thing about music, whether you’re in a dark place or a place of rainbows and Unicorns, music always has something to offer. I don’t see any rainbows currently but the dark isn’t quite so black anymore either.

I’ve been listening to these two songs every morning with my coffee and each time, I’m always thinking “yeah, that’s where I’m at today.” I’m not going to analyze these songs because they’re self-explanatory but if you’re making strides in your life and things are improving, put some headphones on and drift way.


2 thoughts on “Metamorphosis

  1. Digging the vibe of this post. To my recollection, I’ve never actually heard you discuss or otherwise recommend a so-called “uplifting” song, so this was a welcome treat.

    I prefer the second one a tad more. As much as I love the violin, I’m a sucker for the raspy voice of the second. Personally, in terms of of uplifting, off the top of my head, I have a guilty pleasure for country music and I think Coldplay offers some fun ones.

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