Gratitude: A Radical Reaction To Blog Commenters Who Hate Your Guts

Outlaw Mama

The first time I saw him rub his chest as if he felt warm and loved all over, I had just said this: “F*ck you. You’ve never given me any help. Gary Condit was nicer to Chandra Levy than you are to me. I hate you.”

He sat there rubbing his chest and smiling at me as if I’d just said something that a) made sense and b) he was grateful  for.

“Why are you rubbing your chest like that?”  WTF was wrong with him? I had just insinuated that he was meaner than a murderer (because I was still under the impression that Senator Condit was involved in Ms. Levy’s murder.  HE WAS CLEARED OF ALL CHARGES, so please don’t sue me.)

His answer has taken me years– almost eleven for those of you who care about numbers (and don’t get me f*cking started on The Children’s Place t-shirt

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