Is love just suffering?

Ginger musings with yet another scintillating read. Tread lightly, you may get lost in his prose.

Brett Milam

British artist, Jake Bugg, laments about coming to terms with a breakup in his melancholy song “Slide.”. It seems to hit him full force in the chest, as most breakups do, even though he suspected it was coming – you never really expect it to come. He expresses his disbelief as such, “Whoa, don’t know how take it in, is love just suffering?” Well, is it?

I’ve been thinking about this for some time. Every day, as it has become habit, I check my Facebook and Twitter feeds. Most of the people I know are around my age. And time and again, I see people lamenting, as Bugg does, but not so eloquently, admittedly, about broken hearts and dreams and is love just suffering? There’s a certain strain of cynicism attached to it as well with people answering in the affirmative, “Yes, love is suffering and I will never suffer…

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