Walken vs Hopper

This scene is one of my favorite scenes in modern film history. The suave yet menacing well-dressed character portrayed by Christopher Walken is a living and breathing contradiction. Sophistication mixed with malevolence, articulate yet brutish. He goes from charming to frightening with a simple change in his facial expression or a darkening of his eyes.

Dennis Hopper portrays a character on the other end of the spectrum. He’s a street smart former cop, living in a sad trailer. He’s a blue-collar guy that survives on a small income and an abundance of grit. Nothing suave about his character but he loves his son dearly and that love is what truly drives this scene forward.

I prefer to let the above scene speak for itself but let me mention a couple of things first. When Hopper turns down Walkens offer of a cigarette at first then towards the end he asks him for that cigarette. So powerful. He’s made a decision and understands all the ramifications contained within that decision. Of course, the story Hopper tells at the end of this scene is just marvelous. Be forewarned, its an unsettling scene that might offend some people but its pivotal to the overall impact of a cat and mouse game between two foes. Enjoy.


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