Dan Haren is a soft-tosser. Dan Haren is not a flamethrower. Strasburg, Gio and Zimmermann all have filthy secondary pitches but they also all deal the heat. Fastballs that blow by you, Fastballs that are game-changers. Dan Haren is not a dealer of heat. He’s a command and control guy, paints the black. He must be precise, a prerequisite for a pitcher with declining velocity. If his cutter and four-seamer stay down in the zone’ he can be effective, he can get outs. Dan Haren has no margin for error though and there within is the rub, when he’s imprecise, even fractionally, baseballs get obliterated. Baseballs leave the park, quickly. Nats fans are not pleased.

I was watching the Nats vs Rockies on the MLB network on Saturday. Dan Haren was on the mound, the streak-killer as some fans refer to him. Suffice it to say, Haren was imprecise. Up in the zone, giving up frozen ropes all over Nationals Park. Typical Haren performance to be honest, very underwhelming. He got pulled from the game early, and as he left the field, head down, a strange thing happened. He got booed. Loudly.

A stadium full of exasperated Nats fans had reached the breaking point. They revolted against Haren, maybe too many cups of Miller-Lite played a role or maybe they were sick of Haren and his 88 mph fastball.  A chorus of boos. A dark cloud of anger and frustration settled in over Nats Park. The fans wanted blood, Dan Harens blood. They booed the fuck out of him and it bothered me. A lot.

I don’t understand the concept of booing a player, it baffles me. A grown man booing somebody is as childish as it gets. I was embarrassed as a person and as a lifelong Nat/Expo fan. Fans get frustrated, I get frustrated, its part of the deal. Voice your displeasure at the water cooler or a fan forum or with your friends. Vent, rant do whatever it takes to release some of that anger. Leave it there. Yes, Dan Haren is a soft-tosser that gets rocked frequently but he’s also a human being that busts his ass trying to find the answer. He’s a humble guy that never blames his issues on anything but himself. Show some class Nats fans,


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